Fringe Modern and Vintage LLC BBB Business Review

How to Sell & Trade

We are open to buy/trade from 2-5 Tues thru Sat

Drop Off Guidelines

  • We are only allowing up to 50 items to be dropped off at a time (1 ikea bag or 2 medium sized bags)

  • Items must be clean, stain free, moth ball free, and free of odors

  • Please do not bring us housewares, socks, intimates, or bedding

  • We are currently selling our items at 25% cash or 50% store credit of the prices we put on your items

  • Should you wish to receive your cash electronically, we will send it to you via Venmo

  • You do not wait for your items to sell to receive payment, you receive cash or trade on the spot

  • Cash is only available on the day the items are brought in, credit cannot be exchanged for cash at a later date

  • We buy according to demand, condition, and inventory levels

  • Sellers must be 18+ to sell. We require a government issued id such as a driver’s license or a passport

  • Please do not take offense if we do not purchase what you bring in! We can only make a profit if the items actually sell

When to Sell

  • We buy every day that we’re open

  • We stop buying a ½ hour before closing. Same day assessment near closing may not be possible depending on wait times

Yes, We Will Donate Your Items

  • Items not selected for resale, including the bag that they were brought in, will be donated to Helpsy (a B Corporation) if not picked up on the same day that they are dropped off

  • We regret that we cannot store dropped off items for a longer period of time as this is due to the large amount of clothing we receive on a daily basis

  • All items not selected for resale can be donated to Helpsy (a B- Corporation) as a service to our customers